Hailo – Top Performing AI Chip for Edge Devices

Introducing Hailo-8™ Processor

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Bringing Cloud Intelligence to Embedded Devices

Hailo has developed a breakthrough specialized deep learning processor, that empowers intelligent devices with the performance of a data center-class computer, operating in real time at minimal power consumption, size and cost.


Driving Artificial
Intelligence to the Edge

Imagine intelligent devices that are empowered with the performance of a datacenter class computer, operating in real time at reduced power consumption, size and cost. Hailo processors enable edge devices to go beyond handling sensors and streaming volumes of data for remote processing–they can do the processing themselves.

Processor Architecture

Hailo’s complete re-think of computer architecture breaks the barriers of traditional paradigms, accelerating the extremely heavy computation of deep neural networks.


End-To-End Solution

The holistic approach integrates all the ingredients into a complete solution which best addresses the problem domain. Breakthrough technology foresees and overcomes the processing bottlenecks that challenge all other approaches. The software stack seamlessly integrates with popular development environments for rapid and effective development.

Scalable Solution

The scalable architecture enables using the same deep learning architecture addressing different market segments, while using the same SW toolchain.

Target Markets


Autonomous Vehicles, ADAS

Smart City

Video Analytics

Smart homes

Security, Assistes


Sense, Avoid and Navigate


Intelligent Assistant


Predictive Maintenance,


Advanced User Experiences


High Performance at Minimum Power


European Union

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 849921

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